Love crafting simple and meaningful user experiences that make people's lives better.


Core Skills

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User-centred design principles help build websites and mobile apps that prioritise the user's needs. Today, the digital space has become instrumental in brand building. I create high-quality digital experiences, the results of which, are always true to the brand.


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The challenge in representing motifs- be it real, fantasy or abstract- effectively with graphic symbols is often overlooked.  The key is to convey emotion, be meticulous with the details and ensure that the resultant icons are crisp and part of the same family.

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Identity concepts cover the cornerstones of branding: positioning, story, visual identity, tone of voice, naming, and guidelines. I've helped in bringing those concepts to fruition across several domains- digital channels, events, sales & marketing tools, stationery, and publications.

Talks and Workshops



Design. Fail. Repeat

HelloMeets Workshop

As product designers, we are faced with failures quite often. But having the fortitude to endure the rigorous cycle of prototyping, crashing and burning, picking yourself up and going at it again is an integral part of product building.

I was invited to conduct a workshop for HelloMeets to help attendees understand the process of product design and present a few design case studies from personal experience that could give attendees fresh perspective on little, everyday failures, and how even those little hiccups help in making the big picture more cohesive.

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