The Alarm Clock that Apple Forgot

Rohit Singal and Piotr Gajos' brainchild app — NightStand helped propel Sourcebits into the limelight in 2010. It has been downloaded more 10 million times and has been staff picked by Apple.

Alongside an incredibly talented team of designers like Rick Patrick, Na Wong and the watchful guidance of Piotr Gajos, I designed the stopwatch theme and ported NightStand from the original iPhone app to iPad, Android phones & tablets, Windows phone and Blackberry.


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Stopwatch Vertical.png

Stopwatch Theme


Back in 2010, we got some feedback from our users that NightStand was lacking the stopwatch functionality. Being a visual designer at the time, I was tasked with creating a realistic stopwatch theme for NightStand.

This was the time when skeuomorphism roamed wild and free, his research included both physical and digital stopwatches. The two major features provided in a stopwatch are the start-stop and the lap functionality. The visual design was inspired by a tactile, metallic device with an LCD screen — which is consistent with our existing LCD theme.

Themes for NightStand


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May, 2010